Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Senor Chichero

HERE BEGINS WITH TRUMPETS : yet it can likewise sting guitar REPEAT 2 times .......... : This tap is simple ejm: 14x3 14 just three times and the same with the accompanying . attempt it . G7: be better at this fuss Yesterday I saw and sensed that I can not consider all else you cherish I wish you so you see not pass an alternate day so yesterday I saw you and I couldn't make tracks in an opposite direction from your affection my adoration Yesterday I saw you on the off chance that you knew how it harms my heart you don't you'd run , you'd stay with me Repeat Rif. When I saw you I sensed that you are blameworthy of my forlornness as well and I'm so powerlessly I stay longing for your kisses Yesterday I saw and I couldn't far from your affection my adoration I saw you yesterday on the off chance that you knew how it harms my heart you don't you'd run , you'd stay with me going with the tap.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Señor Smoke

Señor Smoke is the second album from Electric Six, following Fire in 2003. It was released in the UK February 14, 2005 by Warner Music imprint Rushmore Records. Due to complications with Electric Six's former record label, Rushmore did not release the album in North America. In December 2005, the band announced a new partnership with Metropolis Records that resulted in Señor Smoke's North American release on February 7, 2006. Señor Smoke was ravaged by the UK press upon its 2005 release. However, the response to the album has been much more enthusiastic in America, with several positive reviews, including one from the March 2006 issue of Blender Magazine that claims that the album is so good that "achieves an advance modern medicine has long pursued: it restores virginity."

Friday, 11 May 2012


Inflorescence and flowers
The flowers are solitary or aggregated in cymes, spikes, or panicles and typically perfect (bisexual) and actinomorphic. Some species have unisexual flowers. Bracts and bracteoles are either herbaceous or scarious. Flowers are regular with a herbaceous or scarious perianth of (1 to) mostly 5 (rarely to 8) tepals, often joined. There are 1-5 stamens opposite to tepals or alternating, inserting from a hypogynous disc, which may have appendages (pseudostaminodes) in some species. The anthers have 2 or 4 pollen sacs (locules). In tribe Caroxyloneae, antheres have vesicular appendages. The pollen grains are sperical with many pores (pantoporate), with pore numbers from a few to 250 (in Froelichia). 1-3 (rarely -6) carpels are fused to a superior ovary with 1 (rarely 2) basal ovule.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Sandro - Señor Cochero Lyrics

Ya se acerca una carroza
Blanco puro es su color
Blanco puro, rojo sangre
Y el cochero es el amor

Digame señor cochero
Es verdad que viene aquí
Hace tanto que la espero
¿porque calla? ¿no es así?

Señor cochero por favor
Quiero que hable
No ve que desespero y puedo enloquecer
Su rostro no lo veo, la niebla lo confunde
Su gesto...su gesto no lo entiendo
No, no puedo comprender

¿Sabe? Mi vida fue un lucha
De tristes desengaños de duro proceder
Me queda la esperanza que Ud. señor
Cochero me traiga en su carroza
Las cosas que he soñado
Amor, ternura y si
Un nombre de mujer

Ya ha llegado la carroza
Y sus puertas voy a abrir
Pero tengo tanto miedo
Que mi dicha no este allí

Ya se aleja una carroza
Negro oscuro es su color
El amor faltó a la cita
Y el cochero es el dolor

Adios señor cochero...adios

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Señor.. Mr..

Lord is the one who has dominion over something or someone. In this sense, applying the terms "Lord of Hosts," "lord of the realm", "lord of the house." Historically, the title of Lord indicated the superiority over the slaves was the master, or with respect to the subjects that dominated the exchange for protection. It was also used to target characters of nobility and royalty .

In the Middle Ages , was the title that domininaba in a manor (feudal lord) over his subjects. In Spain, where the term "feud" was applied less, applied in the same way the Lordship (Lord of vassals, sir jurisdictional territorial lord, lord of the manor, lord of fork and knife ...). Among the titles of sovereignty of the kings of Spain are those of "Lord of Vizcaya and Molina." Per protocol, you must treat those who have this title of Illustrious Lord ... or Excellence.

It uses the title "Mr." prefixed to the name, usually to express the condition of marriage. Thus expressions such as: "Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez." In the United States includes the name of the man: "Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Gonzalez."

May precede a charge: "Mr. President".

It is used as an expression of respect to address someone.

In the religions Judeo-Christian, is often applied to the god Yahweh . In this case must begin with a capital letter, "the Lord".

In Judaism , the name of God, which should not be pronounced out of respect, is replaced by the word readings Hebrew Adonai, meaning 'lord', and is used to refer to an important person with ability to exercise control over something or someone. Were following the tradition of cultures coming, they saw their gods the lords of the country. This idea was supported by the Jewish belief that the world was created by a creator god (Lord), who had delivered Israel from the dominion of the Egyptians ("lord of the people of Israel" or Sebaoth : 'Lord of hosts ').

Later, when translating the Bible to Greek ( the Septuagint Bible ) , Gd was replaced by Κύριος (kiri) with the same meaning ('lord'). During the Hellenistic era , the idea of regarding God as Lord, came to speak the language, culture both in Egyptian and in Greek .

With the advent of Christianity , the word "Lord" is also used to refer to God the Father as Christ , a tradition that is already reflected in the epistles of Paul of Tarsus (between 51 and 67 ).